Rear Pulley Hardware

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2 Items

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  1. Sprocket Bolt, Nut and Washer Kit
    Sprocket Bolt, Nut and Washer Kit
    VT No
    Retail Price: $45.13

    XL 1979-1990 cast wheel
    FLST 1986-1992 cast wheel
    FXST 1984-1992 cast wheel
    FLT 1993-1996 spoke wheel
    FL 1973-1984 cast wheel
    FXST 1993-1996 spoke wheel
    FLT 1984-1992 cast wheel
    FX 1973-1984 cast wheel
    FXR 1984-1992 cast wheel
    FXD 1993-1996 spoke wheel
    FLST 1993-1996 spoke wheel
  2. Cush Drive Dampener Black
    Cush Drive Dampener Black
    VT No
    Retail Price: $36.25

    RH 1250S 2021-UP
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