22" Inline Spring Fork Chrome +4"

Retail Price: $1,130.87
Unit features chrome front legs, chrome outer springs, chrome rockers and chrome rear leg.
Unit features chrome front legs, chrome outer springs, chrome rockers and chrome rear leg.
Includes inner and outer springs, front and rear legs, 1" inline stem and offset outside mount rockers to utilize interchangeable wheel with lug bolt type drum and mechanical front brake drum, studs and bushings, spring rods with bushings. Some assembly may be required. These forks are replicas of the stock units with electric welded and brazed construction and will accept all original style components and accessories for the detailed replica look. Top clamp, neck races, and cone nut are not included. *NOTE: UPS may conside this part as packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight, which will result in higher shipping costs. *NOTE: We measure from the top of the rear leg (tube), to the front axle center line.
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EL 1936-1945 61"
UL 1937-1945 74" and 80"
FL 1941-1945 74"
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Neck Stem: 1" x 24TInner Diameter: 1-3/16"Length: 22"
Size32 inch
Stylewithout Shocks
2021 Catalog Pages779
Replacement Items49-0235 - Rebuild Kit
49-0573 - Rod Acorn Nut Chrome
7706-2 - Cadmium Spring Rod Bushing
Tech Note
Unit is unpolished at the rear fork stem cross plate and at the front spring fork rod forging.
*NOTE: Must order shock, ride control, axle assembly, top tree and bearing kit, as required.
How we measure Spring Forks. NOTE: Measurement is from the triple tree where stem and lower bearing sits, to the axle position. This is the effective length, as it is the legnth
from the lower bearing cup on the frame to axle. Installer can slide a pipe or solid bar thru the bearing cups and measure the length that may be needed for the desired frame
height. This Spring Fork assembly accepts a 3/4" axle for custom applications. As rockers are not offset (as on replica Spring Forks). 1" stem utilized tapered bearings for
ease of installation.
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