Rigid Rear Fender Assembled

Retail Price: $297.26
OEM No: 59604-55
Rigid rear fender features a cutout for the chain relief as on 1951-57 rigid models.
Rigid rear fender features a cutout for the chain relief as on 1951-57 rigid models.
Fender comes with a 7/8" wide bracket and does not have a tail lamp hole. Tail lamp hole may be cut, as required. Before finishing with primer or paint installer must prepare fender by checking alignment of fender tail and bracket. All hinged fenders must be hand fitted at the hinge and pin area. Alignment will have to be adjusted and tweaked to fit your components. Before priming or painting, fit the fender body, braces and mounting points in place. Fender rivets, hinge and brackets will have to be tweaked for final fitment. The left side fender relief plate is built in as part of the main fender body. Fender tail is not drilled or cut out for tail lamp installation. *NOTE: There are holes in the fender that will need to be filled. *NOTE: Optimal updated hinge is available for restorers who would like to replacehing on our fenders. *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight, which will result in higher shipping costs.
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FL 1955-1957
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OEM No.59604-55
Length: 33"Fender Width: 7-1/4"
ManufacturerWyatt Gatling
2024 Catalog Pages615
Replacement Items50-1243 - Replica Rigid Rear Fender Hinge Set Raw
Tech Note
Suggested to use with #50-0913 Rear Fender Trim Set.
*NOTE: We have an updated rear hinge available to replace existing hinge. Must be riveted in place, #50-1243 Replica Rigid Rear Fender Hinge.
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