45" WL Transmission 4-Speed Gear Kit

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45" WL 4-speed transmission gear kit.
45" WL 4-speed transmission gear kit.
Kit is 10 pieces as shown in the photos. Includes all gears, shifter drum and side cover. Kit can be used on Solo machines and Servi-cars to transform 45"3 speed transmission into 4 speed transmission. With the 4 speed conversion in a 45" transmission, the reverse gear option CANNOT be installed. Kit uses the stock type mainshaft, countershaft, shifter forks and hardware. *NOTE: Requires 4-speed shifter gate. **NOTE: Requires holes to be enlarged and needs a stud set, available separately.
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W 1941-1952
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Tech Note
Required to use with #17-1927 Sprocket Cover Mount Stud Set Parkerized.
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